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The source of all weather data for all programs is the Norwegian Meteorological Institute.   See  or for details. All data is provided free of charge for all users. have no other relations with the Norwegian Meteorological Institute. The Apps were named before the current restrictions on using «Yr» as part of the name and will change names as soon as the approval process for the App store allows.

Available Apps :


Detailed forecast for any place on the globe .  Paid App

Why charge for apps using free data ?

Developing for the iPhone is not without costs. The price of these apps has been set so that the author can continue development on this excellent platform. The price is set in the lower segment, usually in the order of $3 ( around NOK 14,- ).

The apps are not open source, but if you are developing apps using the data from the Norwegian meteorological institute, please email me with questions.

The developed apps are in daily use by the author. Any suggestions or comments are greatly appreciated. What app would you want to see?

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Weather radar images for Scandinavia.  Paid App


Satellite images for Northern Europe.  Paid App

Other recommended apps in use by this author :

From the data supplier.   Free app


Observations and aviation forecasts. Free app.

Graphical Designer:  Erik Fjukstad


iPad app with both Radar and Satellite images. Radar images from Norway and a low resolution Nordic image, satellite images from Europe and globally.  Free App