YrLocation (iTunes link ) uses the iPhone GPS to find location and presenting the weather forecast for up to 10 days.

The application will display the following parameters;

On the top line:

    Time, Weekday is localized for your location, Hours is local time.

    Temperature in degrees Celsius.

    Weather symbol, localized if you are north of the arctic circle.

    Precipitation amounts in mm ( may be left blank ).

On the lower line:

    Wind direction in main directions ( N is north, NE is north-east and so on )

    Wind speed in m/s.

    Amount of : Fog, Low clouds, Medium clouds and High clouds. In percent from 0 to 100

    Pressure in hPa

On the weather symbol, temperature and wind, small squares indicate the current probability score. These are only available at some times. The colors are :

- Green is Rather certain [90% , 100%]

- Orange is Somewhat uncertain [50% , 90%>

- Red is Uncertain [ 0% , 50%>

This is very useful for the longer forecast periods.

Time resolution of up to one hour, using 6 hours at the end of the forecast period.

The forecast are available for any location on the whole globe.

Day references is localized for the locale set on the iPhone. This is tested only for Norwegian and English, so text may vary in size.

Maritime Forecast:

For any given position close to or at sea, the maritime forecast from yr.no is also available. This is only for positions close to Scandinavia.

Graphical representation:

A simple graphical representation is also possible using the «Figure» button. This is best done in landscape mode.


Pressing the position line, it is possible to search for many named locations in Norway and also the whole globe. It is also possible to choose a position using a map. Simply center the map at any point on the globe, and the position is used for the forecast.

The new graphics is by Erik Fjukstad