YrSat ( iTunes Link ) displays the latest NOAA satellite images over Scandinavia and also a mosaic of the whole globe from many free sources.

The data for this is also courtesy of the Norwegian meteorological institute and NOAA. Other image providers is also used.

The colors in the images are most of the time trying to create some combination that conveys the different types of clouds and snow/ground/sea/ice. This is not always possible, specially in the nordic winter with the sun below the horizon for the whole day.

Zooming is possible in this images. Use the standard two finger approach.

New in 1.70 version :

  1. -Improved images from Polar orbiting satellites

  2. -Added section for other geostationary images covering the whole globe

  3. -Improved animation of global composite

- New graphics for splash screen and icon,    © 2010  Erik Fjukstad

This upgrade will be free for all existing users, and is expected to be available in january.